ВОТ КАК coll Invar fixed WO
Interj (an exclamation or question)) used to express surprise, astonishment etc, occas. mixed with incredulity, indignation
is that so (right, it)?
really! I see! so that's how it is (whatfs going on etc)! well now! dear me! upon my word! how about that!
(Вера:) У нас в пансионе одна барышня писала стихи. (Беляев:) Вот как! и хорошие? (Тургенев 1). (V.:) At my boarding-school a girl used to write poetry. (B.:) Is that so? Was it good poetry? (le).
(Репников:) Да понимаешь ли ты, что этот прохвост пришёл сюда в расчете, что ты ему поможешь? (Таня:) Ах, вот как? (Вампилов 3). (R.:) Do you realize that scoundrel came here counting on you to help him? (T.:) Oh, is that it? (3b).
Нет, Тимофей Лобанов не дезертир, - сказал Кузьма Кузьмич. -Не из таких». - «Не их таких? Вот как!» (Абрамов 1). "No-Timofei Lobanov isn't a deserter," said Kuzma Kuzmich. "He's not that kind." "Not that kind! Really!" (1b). "No. Timofei Lobanov is no deserter," said Kuzma Kuzmich. "He's not the type " "Not the type, eh? I see!" (1a).
«Свидетели показывают, что у „Мотодрома" Люся высадилась из светло-серой „Волги", которую мы преследовали»... - «Кому принадлежит „Волга"?» - «Ревазу Давидовичу Степнадзе». - «Вот как!..» - удивился начальник отдела (Чернёнок 1). "Witnesses testified that Lusya got out at the Motodrom stop from a light gray Volga-the one we were pursuing."..."Who owns the Volga?" "Revaz Davidovich Stepnadze " "So that's how it is!" The chief was surprised (1a).
...Когда-то отец из меня кузнеца хотел сделать. Кузница у нас была». -«Вот как! - с волнением сказал Илья. - Дак, значит, мы с тобой тёзки, товарищ Лукашин?» - «В каком смысле?» -«А в том, что у моего отца тоже кузница была» (Абрамов 1). ".. .There was a time when my father wanted to make a blacksmith out of me. We used to have a forge." "Well now!" said Ilya with emotion. "That makes us cousins, doesn't it, Comrade Lukashin?" "How so?" "I mean, my father had a forge too" (1a)
«Сегодня я сижу да читаю Пушкина... Вдруг Аркадий подходит ко мне и молча, с этаким ласковым сожалением на лице, тихонько, как у ребёнка, отнял у меня книгу и положил передо мной другую, немецкую... улыбнулся и ушёл, и Пушкина унёс». - «Вот как!» (Тургенев 2). "Today I was sitting reading Pushkin.... All of a sudden Arkady comes up to me, and, without saying a word, with a look, you know, of kindly commiseration, gently takes the book away from me as if I were a child, puts another one in front of me, a German one., smiles, and goes away, carrying Pushkin off with him." "Dear me!" (2a). "Today I was sitting reading Pushkin....Suddenly Arkady comes up to me and without a word, as gently as if I were a child, with an affectionate look of pity on his face, took away my book and put another before me, a German book....Then he gave me a smile and went out, carrying Pushkin off with him." "Upon my word!" (2c).
2. - нужен, надоел и т. п. Also: ВО КАК substand ( adv (intensif) or modif ) (a person or thing is needed by s.o. , boring to s.o. etc) to an extreme, the utmost degree (often accompanied by a gesture in which the speaker raises the edge of his index finger to his throat)
like you wouldn't believe
awfully terribly really (in refer, to annoyance etc) s.o. has had it (up to here) (with sth. )
sth. is more than one can take (handle). "А время тяжёлое, и нам урожай этот во как нужен. Так?» (Войнович 4). "Times are rough and we really need this harvest, right?" (4a).
(Кудимов:) Парни! Что за формальности? Мне эта субординация (показывает) во как осточертела! (Вампилов 4). (К ) Come on, fellers' Let's have a bit less of this formality. I've had seniority and juniority up to here. (Points) (4a).
Своей у тебя жизни, что ли, нет, чтобы так-то вокруг смотреть! Мне своей жизни - во как хватает - я всего этого не замечаю, на что твоя сила ушла...» (Битов 2). "Perhaps you don't have a life of your own, to be looking around you like this! My own life is more than I can handle, I don't notice all these things that you've poured your strength into-" (2a).

Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь. — М.: ACT-ПРЕСС КНИГА. . 2004.

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